You may have heard of friends and family receiving orthodontic care to improve their teeth, but have you ever wondered exactly what orthodontics is? You’ve landed on the perfect blog! Sawgrass Orthodontics is passionate about educating our patients on everything orthodontic treatment offers and keeping you confident in your care. Our team is here to share an overview of orthodontics, our treatment options, what to expect from care, and more!

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialty within dental work that focuses on misaligned teeth. Orthodontists like Dr. Kristen and Dr. Penny focus on diagnosing patients’ issues, creating personalized treatment plans, and how to realign their teeth to the correct position effectively. They act as the architects behind your grin and do everything possible to meet your dental goals.

Common complications treated at our office include bad bites, gapped teeth, smile realignment, crooked or crowded teeth, and jaw misalignment. Many patients come into our practice for braces during their adolescent or teen years, but we proudly treat all ages to improve their oral health and help them feel great about their smile. 

Your Treatment Options

Two-Phase Treatment

We provide early two-phase treatment for our younger patients whose permanent teeth have not yet grown. Sawgrass Orthodontic offers appliances such as Forsus, retainers, palatal expanders, and spacers for improved alignment. Our team monitors and guides their teeth during the first phase to help prepare them for more straightforward treatment during the second when braces are typically begun.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most recognizable symbol of orthodontics. They are known for their state-of-the-art treatment and ability to fix any oral issue. This appliance remains a top choice among our patients, thanks to advancements making their appearance smaller and components more comfortable. Modern metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel with components that work together to put pressure on your teeth in different directions to achieve your smile goals.

Clear Braces

Made of ceramic, clear braces use the same technology as their metal counterpart while offering an aesthetic alternative. They are crafted from tooth-colored ceramic material and blend in with your teeth so you can continue to smile without anyone noticing you’re undergoing treatment. We provide self-ligating clear braces, meaning no ties are needed to connect the bracket and wire together, resulting in a more comfortable appliance without any monthly tightenings.


Another nearly invisible option for patients is Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic trays that are switched out every two weeks as your teeth slowly shift into their ideal position. They are a removable appliance, allowing your eating and brushing habits to continue without interruption or additional steps for success. It is an excellent option for adults and teens looking for a discreet way to realign their smile.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces sit on the inner surface of your teeth, entirely out of view! Like metal braces, they use brackets and wires but work behind the scenes to accomplish your smile goals. Lingual braces use the latest orthodontic technology and 3D printing to ensure a perfect fit.

What is Orthodontics?

What to Expect During the Treatment Process 

Free Consultation

Your first appointment with Sawgrass Orthodontics is what we call your free consultation. During this time, Dr. Kristen and Dr. Penny will perform an oral examination, take x-rays, capture digital photographs, and take a digital 3D model of your teeth. They use this information, along with your dental and medical history, to diagnose your orthodontic needs and craft a customized treatment plan to resolve them. 

Our team will discuss all the details, including the best appliance for your case, your budget, aesthetic concerns, and whether any steps need to be taken before starting. We encourage you to ask any questions that come to mind so you can leave our office confident in your care.

Perfecting Your Smile

Upon deciding on your appliance and crafting each unique component, our team will place it on your teeth. You may not notice it, but your teeth move every day. Orthodontic appliances guide that movement and ensure they don’t shift too far.

Depending on which you choose and your current oral health, follow-up appointments will be scheduled every four to six weeks so we can tighten the wires, make other adjustments to ensure efficient results, and inform you how to keep your plan on track. 

Retainer and Post-Treatment Care

Once your teeth have reached their ideal positioning, your appliance will be removed, and our team will walk you through how to prepare for post-treatment care. Sawgrass Orthodontics provides patients with a set of retainers to slow down the movement of their teeth and keep them in place. 

Most patients are prescribed to wear their retainers daily for the first six months, then switch to nightly use afterward. Dr. Kristen and Dr. Penny will provide instructions specific to your care plan during this time and can answer any questions you may have about life after treatment.

Benefits of Pursuing Orthodontic Care

There are plenty of reasons to undergo orthodontic treatment, including the amazing smile aesthetics and boost of confidence you will gain upon reaching your treatment goals. Sawgrass Orthodontics takes pride in helping patients feel great about their smile again and reinvigorate their desire to share their happiness publicly. 

Many benefits come with care that affects overall health. Realigned teeth eliminate the hidden areas of your mouth that are difficult to brush, allowing you to polish each surface thoroughly. Maintaining these routines can improve their function and promote long-term oral care. Orthodontic treatment can also eliminate speech impediments, protect from gum disease, and improve digestion through proper chewing function.  

What is Orthodontics?

Improve Your Oral Health with Orthodontic Care!

We hope this short guide has helped you learn more about the incredible field of orthodontics. If you are curious about what orthodontics can do for you, the Sawgrass Orthodontics team is always happy to answer your questions. We provide free consultations to those in Sunrise, Weston, and the surrounding communities. Schedule yours today and take the first step toward a perfect smile!

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