Braces for Adults

Adults Rock Braces, Too!

You might associate braces with middle school and high school, but kids and teens aren’t the only ones who deserve a straighter smile. Did you know that, according to The American Association of Orthodontists, one out of five orthodontic patients are over 21? We know this first hand because plenty of adults choose to have orthodontic treatment at our office.

Sometimes, parents choose to have orthodontic treatment when they see how confident it makes their children. Often, adults want to feel better about their smiles in the workplace or in their social lives. Other times, adult patients just want to do what is best for their oral health.

No matter the reason for seeking adult braces, we have a solution that can help you reach your orthodontic goals and get the smile you want.


What Are Your Orthodontic Treatment Options as an Adult?

When you picture braces, you probably see metal brackets and wires. These are a traditional and effective option, but by no means are they the only option for adults seeking orthodontic treatment.

Clear and ceramic braces disguise the brackets against the tooth’s color, making braces much less visible. Invisalign consists of a set of clear aligners that are - you guessed it - invisible.

The adult braces option for you will depend on your specific case. At Sawgrass Orthodontics, we partner with you to prepare a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle, meets your orthodontic needs, and is as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as possible.


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Benefits of Getting Braces as an Adult

Getting orthodontic treatment as an adult is always a step in the right direction when it comes to oral health. In addition to those mentioned above (improper bite, uneven spacing, and jaw pain), here are a few oral health conditions that orthodontics may be able to prevent, correct or keep from worsening:

  • Gum disease (caused by crowded or uneven teeth that are difficult to clean)
  • Shifting and tilting invited by open space from missing teeth
  • Worn teeth from a misaligned bite
  • Retreatment of orthodontic treatment from earlier in life (i.e. if you forgot to wear your retainer)


Why Should You Consider Adult Braces?

We hear this question a lot, and we’re happy to answer because we believe we have a pretty convincing explanation.

First of all, no one wants to go through the painful, sometimes expensive and time-consuming oral health problems mentioned above. Plus, many of these issues only get worse over time. The sooner they are treated, the better. Overall, orthodontic treatment at any age is an investment in your smile’s health and your general well-being.

Finally, who wouldn’t want a beautiful smile that makes them feel more confident in their appearance?


Ready to Talk About Adult Braces?

We hope you will give adult orthodontic treatment a try, and we look forward to discussing your options.

Schedule your free consultation right here on our website, and we will work to find a time that fits your schedule, for this and all of your future appointments.