Braces for Teens

Choosing Braces for Your Teen

With homework, sports, social activities and other extracurriculars, middle and high school teens have plenty on their plates! We understand how crazy, yet fun life can be for teenagers and their families.

That’s why we will work with you to make sure orthodontic treatment enhances your teen’s oral health without getting in the way of his or her everyday activities. Each teen’s orthodontic treatment plan will be unique to his or her needs, but we do have several options we are often able to recommend for teenage patients.


Metal or Clear Braces for Teens

Just like younger kids and adults, teenagers always have the option of traditional metal braces. This treatment option is traditional for a reason - because it has been the trusted treatment method for decades.

Metal braces are highly effective for crowded teeth, spacing issues and more. Plus, they are now more comfortable than ever before.

The rubber bands for traditional metal braces come in all different colors, so many teens love to coordinate them with their favorite colors, their favorite sports team, their school colors for homecoming, or an upcoming holiday.

Sawgrass Ortho parents can stay worry-free about traditional braces because we take the time to show your teen exactly how to clean and care for their braces and make sure to explain why keeping braces clean is so important. After all, every teen wants to keep their treatment on track and get their braces off on schedule to reveal a more beautiful smile faster!


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Invisalign® for Teens

Invisalign Teen is a crowd favorite, and it’s easy to see why! Like regular Invisalign, this treatment for teens uses clear plastic aligners to comfortably yet effectively move the teeth to their proper positions.

The best part of course is how Invisalign is designed to work with a teen’s lifestyle. Because the aligners are invisible, comfortable and don’t get in the way, teens don’t need to worry about their orthodontic treatment during school pictures or while participating in sports or playing instruments.

Parents can rest assured knowing that their teens will wear their aligners because each one contains a blue indicator that fades with proper wear time. Invisalign Teen will also provide two replacement sets of aligners (at no charge) in case they are thrown away with the school lunch tray. It happens to the best of us, right? Learn more about this convenient treatment option below or ask us about it during your visit to Sawgrass Orthodontics!



Get Started with Teen Braces

If you and your teen want to discuss these treatment options with us and see which one is right for your situation, we would love to have you come in for a visit. Schedule your free consultation here on our website, and we look forward to meeting you!