Trusted, Efficient Overjet Correction

The Forsus™ Fatigue Resistant Device is an inconspicuous, effective treatment method for protruding teeth, known as an overjet. The appliance attaches to the lower middle and upper back teeth and gently applies a steady pressure to pull the jaws and teeth into their prescribed positions.

The best part? Because the Forsus™ remains in the rear of your mouth, no one even needs to know it’s there!


More Comfortable Than Ever

The Forsus™ is carefully designed to avoid poking the cheek, and spring coils allow patients to move their mouth normally for eating and speaking. The spring is also made to be easy to clean and avoid trapping food. Just be sure to follow the same food precautions as you do for braces - avoid very sticky, tough or chewy foods!


A Convenient Orthodontic Appliance

The Forsus™ device can be installed during a single appointment and doesn’t require regular adjustments. Unlike elastics that have to be placed and changed, the Forsus™ is a fixed appliance that conveniently remains in the mouth throughout treatment, so patients don’t even have to think about it as it works.

Treatment with the Forsus™ appliance is simultaneous with your braces and often prevents a young patient from needing jaw surgery later in life. To learn more about the Forsus™ appliance and how it can work as part of your orthodontic treatment plan, contact us to schedule a free consultation.