Did you know that plenty of adults are choosing orthodontic treatment? Well, they are! Most people associate orthodontic treatment with children and adolescents, but there is no age limit. In fact, The American Association of Orthodontists reports that 25% of orthodontic patients are over 21 years of age.

At Sawgrass Orthodontics, we know this statistic to be true because we have a number of adult patients, and they experience what we already know: adult treatments are extremely effective. We understand making the decision to visit an orthodontist as an adult can be a difficult one, but our patients regularly tell us that the results of orthodontic treatment far outweigh their initial hang-ups. Read on to learn more.

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Why seek treatment as an adult?

We get this question frequently. Sometimes, parents choose to have orthodontic treatment when they see how confident it makes their children. Often, adult patients seek treatment for aesthetic reasons. They may want to feel better about their smiles in the workplace or in their social lives. Other times, adult patients want to do what is best for their oral health. Some adult patients are referred by their dentist as many oral health problems only get worse over time. Bad bites and misaligned teeth can lead to severe issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, many of the problems associated with aging teeth (enamel wear, loss of some gums, etc.) can be best addressed with orthodontics alongside regular dentistry.

No matter the reason for seeking adult braces, we have a solution that can help you reach your orthodontic goals and get the smile you want. That’s why we encourage adults to come see us for an initial consultation to see what type of treatment would best suit your specific needs.

What are the treatment options for adults?

You may be surprise to know that there’s a wide variety of orthodontic options. During your initial consultation, we will do a thorough examination and discuss your personal situation with you. Most adults deal with one or more of these issues:

  • Gum disease (caused by crowded or uneven teeth that are difficult to clean)
  • Shifting and tilting invited by open space from missing teeth
  • Worn teeth from misaligned bite
  • Retreatment of orthodontic treatment from earlier in life (i.e. if you forgot to wear your retainer)

Getting orthodontic treatment as an adult is always a step in the right direction when it comes to oral health. We can treat these instances with a few noninvasive techniques.

Traditional metal braces – tried and tested over many years, these are an extremely effective option for moving teeth. Made of high-quality stainless steel, modern metal braces are more comfortable and lighter weight than ever before!

Clear and ceramic braces – these are a more subtle choice than metal brackets. They function in much the same way as traditional braces but disguise the brackets against the tooth’s color, making braces much less visible. They are an excellent option for those who would like their treatment to be a bit more discreet.

Lingual braces – these are similar to metal braces but are placed behind the teeth, rather than in front, and therefore offer a great cosmetic alternative for those who want their teeth straightened, without the braces showing.

Invisalign clear aligners – these consists of a set of clear aligners that are – you guessed it – invisible! And they are removable. These clear plastic trays are custom-made to fit over your teeth and gently move them into the desired positions over time. You are given a new aligner every few weeks. Some adults don’t want the added hassle of avoiding certain foods, so with this treatment choice, patients can eat and drink what they choose and continue with the same oral hygiene routine as before. For these reasons, Invisalign aligners are a highly popular choice for adults.

Orthognathic treatment – For some adults, braces alone will not achieve the improvement they need or desire. Along with treatment, they will undergo surgery to correct the positioning of the jaws.

Will I need a retainer after treatment?

All patients, no matter what age, are given retainers to wear following treatment. After your teeth have been straightened, regular retainer use is the second step of treatment, and it’s necessary to round out the process and help maintain your beautiful new smile. There are many options for adult retainers.  Eventually, wearing it a few nights a week while sleeping will be all you need to keep your teeth in the desired positions permanently. Some retainers are even permanent and lie behind the teeth, so you don’t ever need to ever worry about it. Retainer use is so essential to preventing your teeth from drifting back into their old placements and is the best defense to keep your smile looking beautiful for years to come.

Will treatment be painful?

In the first few days of having braces or aligners, your teeth and jaw will experience a small amount of soreness. But thanks to modern orthodontic techniques, prolonged pain is becoming more and rarer with treatment.

Choosing Sawgrass Orthodontics

At Sawgrass Orthodontics, we partner with you to prepare a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle, meets your orthodontic needs, and is as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as possible. Orthodontic treatment at any age is an investment in your smile’s health and your general well-being. We hope you will give adult orthodontic treatment a try, and we look forward to discussing your options!

We proudly serve Davie, Weston, Plantation, Cooper City, Sunrise and surrounding Areas. If you would like to schedule your free consultation, feel free to call us at 954.514.2111 or do it right here on our website, and we will work to find a time that fits your schedule, for this and all of your future appointments. No matter your reason for seeking adult orthodontics, we have a solution that can help you reach your orthodontic goals and get the smile you want! We hope to see you soon!

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