The videos are all over the Internet. More than likely you have seen them, or at least heard mention of their low cost services. Kids and adults thinking they can save money by following the videos’ and articles’ directions on how to close the gap between your teeth. People with zero training in orthodontics are the ones laying these instructions out in the videos and articles. Following these directions, guides, and getting your own impressions and clear aligners through mail order without ever seeing an orthodontist, is about the worst decision you can make for your overall oral health. You are really operating on a dangerous lack of information when you never consult with a trained orthodontist. It is best not to risk infection or damage to your teeth. Let Sawgrass Orthodontics help you accomplish the smile you want. We want you to be practical and informed about your teeth and oral health, and facilitate the safest and most cost-effective way for you to achieve it.

There are countless Do-It-Yourself (DIY) orthodontic techniques out there now. We have all seen a Pinterest fail or two shared on Facebook by friends and family, and we know that any type of DIY project can be hit or miss. But there is a big difference between a chocolate covered kiwi popsicle fail, and causing facial disfigurement with DIY orthodontics. If you know how to sew or design, then by all means go ahead and attempt to make that t-shirt ruffle scarf, or those bottle bottom flowers. But unless you are an expert with professional experience, doing orthodontics yourself can come with dire consequences.

Performing DIY orthodontic treatments can cause:

  • Loss of teeth
  • Cavities or infections that are missed or undiagnosed
  • Infection
  • Gum damage

The consequences of DIY orthodontics can be terrible. Trying to close the gaps between your teeth using your own rubber bands and elastics come with dangers most people do not even think of. There is a risk of infection because your blood supply and gums are connected to your teeth. The gums will not heal properly if they tear. If the attachment between the tooth and gums is damaged, the tooth will no longer get the support it needs. You can actually lose a tooth by something as simple as a rubber band sliding up into the tooth, which can cut all the attachments to it and cause the actual loss of the tooth.

DIY Orthodontics on Your Mind?

Many people start considering products like Invisalign at the beginning of a new year, with the onset of New Year’s resolutions and a renewal of disposable income. Many patients have concerns over the cost of orthodontic work and the need to coordinate office visits with their busy schedules, which is why we have recently had so many questions about DIY orthodontic services.

On the surface, it may seem like DIY orthodontics are a smart way to go. Most of these companies work by sending you a mold that you then use to take impressions of your teeth, and then mail back those impressions to the company. Your finished clear teeth trays are then sent back to you by mail. These are definitely not an Invisalign product, however. Invisalign is only available at select orthodontic practices like Sawgrass Orthodontics.

The Many Issues with DIY Orthodontics

We know these products seem to offer a lot of conveniences, but no amount of convenience can make up for the safety and peace of mind you get when you  schedule an in-person visit with a highly skilled orthodontist like the ones at Sawgrass Orthodontics.  DIY companies are very limited in what they can do because the molds for your teeth are taken remotely. The best you can do is hope they have formed your molds somewhere close to right. These companies only take basic cases which means anything more complicated than a small shift in your teeth structure will be denied. 30 percent of DIY cases will be denied, even after someone has taken the time to complete their lengthy application process. Yet another reason why it is definitely better to stick with the pros!

Expert Assistance is the Best Assistance

There is more to the mouth than meets the eye, and no one understands that better than our team here at Sawgrass Orthodontics. DIY orthodontics do not take x-rays, which leaves your teeth vulnerable to any unseen problems that need special consideration or maneuvering. Short roots or impacted teeth hinder shifts, but the DIY guys know nothing about this because they are amateurs.  Orthodontists sometimes have to shave a patient’s teeth to obtain a better fit and give the teeth an even appearance.

Orthodontists like Dr. Penny and Dr. Kirsten use a computer-generated scanner known as an iTero to help ensure that your trays fit perfectly. Unlike the DIY guys, we can make sure your teeth move in the direction shown in the computer-simulated model. We can customize the generic computer-generated simulation to move your teeth in the most effective way possible, and make any necessary modifications. Just like most things in life, the chances of your teeth coming out perfectly are much better when you trust an expert with the skills and training needed to complete the task perfectly. The unfortunate results of some inappropriately planned DIY treatments are something no one should, or want to see!

It is impossible to know the experience level of the person reviewing your mold and computer simulation with DIY orthodontics, because you never meet them. And besides that, they use a tray made out of inferior plastic material, unlike Invisalign’s patented Smart Track material.  DIY companies may accept a case even when they know the likelihood of success is low. You are always better off starting with a team of experts like Sawgrass Orthodontics from the beginning!

You Get What You Pay For

Many patients see DIY options as an alternative to their concerns with the cost of going to an orthodontist, and as a quick fix. It might seem that these systems offer a good value because you do not have to see an orthodontist, which is why uninsured patients may decide to take this route. The truth is, you will end up needing to see an orthodontist anyway because the fit of your molds will probably not be right, or something may go wrong with the DIY kit and impressions.

Convenience and Affordability

We know there are concerns with the cost of orthodontics. But that is actually a misconception. Professional orthodontic treatment is much more affordable than most people have been led to believe. The cost of your orthodontics are covered as in-network by most insurance plans, which allows for a great deal of savings. Interest-free financing plans that allow patients to pay over time are a helpful option for the insured and uninsured alike.

Affordable orthodontic treatments are available from Sawgrass Orthodontics, so why trust your smile to the amateurish videos and articles of internet novices? If you are in the Davie, Weston, Plantation, Cooper City, and Sunrise area, call us today so we can get started on the road to a straighter, healthier, and safer smile together!

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