Are you looking to fix bite complications but need help figuring out where to start? Forsus may be the perfect appliance for you! At Sawgrass Orthodontics, our incredible team can help you take the first steps in aligning your smile and regaining confidence! Read on to learn more about how to fix your overjet with Forsus, how the appliance works, and the benefits waiting for you to enjoy!

What is Overjet?

Overjet is a type of malocclusion, or bite issue, when your upper teeth protrude outward over the bottom teeth. This dental condition can cause side effects such as chewing and speaking issues, misaligned facial aesthetics, and an improper resting position for your jaw. It can vary in severity, so the earlier you can get treatment, the easier of a time it will be. 

Addressing these issues can assist in preserving the functionality of your original teeth and your smile aesthetics. Overjet is a common issue among patients, but luckily, it can be treated easily at any age with different methods, one of which being Forsus. 

How Forsus Can Help

What Is It?

Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device is an incredible treatment method for overjet patients. Typically used among younger patients, this appliance is inconspicuously attached to your lower middle and upper back teeth to slowly shift your teeth and jaw into their ideal position. It does so by putting a small amount of constant pressure to pull them into place. 

Forsus is placed toward the back of your mouth, so no one will even know it is there! It is also expertly designed to avoid creating friction against or poking at your cheek, so you don’t need to worry about getting any scrapes or cuts on the inside of your mouth, nor will your speech or chewing habits be negatively affected. You can expect its placement to last as long as a regular appointment.

How Long Is It Worn For? 

Depending on your case, the appliance will stay in your mouth for three to nine months. Relevant factors that impact this time include the following:

  • The severity of your overjet
  • Current condition of your oral health and teeth
  • Your age
  • Growth of your jaw and tooth movement

Once your bite is fully corrected, the Forsus can be removed, even if your braces appliance stays on for a little longer.

Does It Hurt?

While you may feel slight discomfort after the initial phase of getting your Forsus placed, no pain is involved in the process! Over time, you will slowly adjust to the mild pressure against your gums, and it will fade away.  Any discomfort is temporary, but we recommend using orthodontic wax to help care for any irritation caused by Forsus.

Caring For Your Appliance

Luckily, you can clean and care for your appliance as easily as you do with regular metal braces. The spring is carefully designed to prevent food from getting stuck and can be polished with a simple soft-bristled toothbrush and paste. Dr. Kristen and Dr. Penny recommend giving it a quick brush in the morning and nightly during oral hygiene routines, keeping it free of bacteria and small food particles. 

To help keep your Forsus in perfect condition, remember your food restrictions (avoiding hard or sticky foods), do your best not to open your mouth too wide as much as necessary, and try cutting large pieces of food up so they can be more easily eaten.

Fix Your Overjet With Forsus

The Benefits of Using Forsus

Comfortable Placement

Forsus is a discreet appliance hidden in the back of your teeth as it works to correct your overjet. As mentioned, it is designed to cause no signs of irritation and help your gums and teeth adjust quickly. It is placed where your speaking voice or regular jaw movements remain uninterrupted. They even help eliminate the need for headgear or other external treatment. 

Convenience of No Adjustments 

This slim device also replaces the use of elastics. This way, you don’t need to remember to put them in or replace them throughout the day. Adjustments are not necessary either. You can simply let the Forsus do all the work for you as it slowly shifts your teeth into place. There is no interruption to your treatment plan, allowing things to continue more effectively with your appliance. 

Non-Invasive Jaw Treatment

Forsus is an incredible, non-invasive treatment to take advantage of earlier in life to avoid undergoing jaw surgery as an adult. It is typically used with children while their jaw is still malleable and growing into place. As mentioned, the sooner you can have orthodontic complications examined and treated, the simpler those procedures will be.

Financials and Cost

Because each patient’s insurance and approach to payment is different, providing a reliable cost estimate can be difficult. However, the cost of Forsus is included in the price of braces, which we can offer an average price of before the assistance of insurance. Metal braces treatment costs between $3,000 and $7,000. 

At Sawgrass Orthodontics, our financing options are very flexible, as we believe everyone seeking orthodontic treatment should have the opportunity to receive it. We accept most dental insurance and major credit cards.

Fix Your Overjet With Forsus

Work Toward a Brighter Smile Today!

Now that you know more about the incredible effects of Forsus, we hope you feel more confident about continuing your orthodontic journey and taking the next steps toward reaching the perfect smile! Sawgrass Orthodontics provides Sunrise, Weston, and the surrounding communities with expert orthodontic services. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Kristen or Dr. Penny, and get started on treatment today.

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