Our team at Sawgrass Orthodontics prides ourselves on making our practice an affordable and exceptional choice for orthodontic procedures. If you have been wanting to straighten your teeth but are not sure how to approach payment, we can help you out! Do you need dental insurance to get orthodontic treatment? How can you make treatment fit your budget? How are costs decided? All of these questions and more will be answered right here!

Exploring Dental Insurance Basics

Simply put, dental insurance provides a form of coverage that covers annual checkups, common dental complications, imaging, preventative care services, and the like. By paying a monthly premium cost, insurance customers are able to enjoy the benefits of prioritizing their oral health and covering part of dental-related costs. 

Do braces or Invisalign treatment require dental insurance?

The good news is we do not require patients to have dental insurance to be seen in order to allow more people access to our treatments. Our team knows figuring out your exact coverage details can be confusing, but we are here to help you determine what your insurance benefits guarantee and how you can get the best deal. Sawgrass Orthodontics believes everyone should be allowed the opportunity to receive the smile treatment without payment feeling like a burden.

Navigating insurance

Each dental insurance plan provides a different set of covered services and benefit restrictions, sometimes making it confusing to unravel how it works. We understand it can feel like a maze to figure out, but worry not. Our staff are knowledgeable and up-to-date on insurance policies and can help you find the best benefits so payment with us stays an affordable option. 

Payment Options Tailored To Fit Your Budget

Our top priority is ensuring you are able to get the high-quality treatment you are looking for without breaking the bank. We offer many flexible treatment plans that are able to be tailored to your budget. You may pay a drastically different plan than the patient in the chair next to you. If insurance covers part of your bill, our team takes the liberty of sending your claims to your insurance so you don’t have to deal with the hassle! 

Let’s make your smile a reality!

At Sawgrass Orthodontics, we put our patients before treatment costs. We are confident in figuring out a plan that works for you so that you can begin your braces or Invisalign as soon as you are ready. Our patients mean the world to us, and we work to do everything we can financially to keep ourselves an option for everyone in our community.

Patient story – Working out payment options with Sarah

Read about Sarah’s story, for example! She knew it was time for her to get clear ceramic braces, but she did not have dental insurance to rely on at the beginning of her smile journey. Unsure of how to approach payment, she called our offices with some questions and to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Kristen and Dr. Penny for a free consultation the next week. 

There, we were able to walk her through her recommended treatment plan and offer a breakdown of costs she could expect to see so there were no surprises later on. Sarah was offered various payment plan options before finding the perfect one that spanned two and a half years.

Do I Need Dental Insurance to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

How Much Can I Expect To Pay For Treatment?

How costs are determined

Each of these prices includes the full treatment, office visits, adjustments, imaging, x-rays, and more. The price changes depending on the complexity of the case, which type of braces you receive, how long treatment will last, and your overall oral health.

Paying with Insurance

As mentioned, insurance coverage varies from patient to patient. It is difficult to provide an average cost after benefits have been taken into account. Sawgrass Orthodontics offers free consultations with Dr. Kristen and Dr. Penny, where we are able to talk you through what the cost may look like according to your specific case’s needs. Our financial coordinator, Millie, can assist you with any questions along the way so that you feel confident in the treatment you can receive after leaving our offices. 

Paying without insurance

Invisalign: A modern approach to straightening teeth, this appliance is a series of plastic trays that are switched every week as your teeth slowly shift in the right direction.

  • Average cost range: $3500 to $8000

Clear braces: Made of ceramic, clear braces are a fixed appliance that allows for a subtle look with tooth-colored brackets while still maintaining a standard braces look.

  • Average cost range: $4000 to $8000

Metal braces: A long-trusted option, traditional metal braces are known for their reliability, effective treatment process, and power to fix just about any orthodontic issue.    

  • Average cost range: $3000 to $7000

Why Set Out On The Path To Improved Oral and General Health

The work performed by an orthodontist can do wonders to improve your oral health, but did you know that a positive impact extends into your general health as well? When your teeth are able to function properly, you can also benefit from smoother digestion. Straightened teeth are able to chew food into true bite-size pieces instead of swallowing large pieces lowers your chances of experiencing stomach aches and heartburn.

Improved oral health also decreases your chances of jaw pain and gum disease. If you have ever experienced either while going about your typical day, you understand they can quickly take an uncomfortable turn if left unattended.

Enjoying improved mental health allows for all aspects of your life to be positively impacted. Smiling more with straightened teeth may give you the confidence to meet new people or put yourself out there more! 

Do I Need Dental Insurance to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

A Free Consultation Is Waiting Just For You!

Providing great orthodontic service to patients from all walks of life is what Sawgrass Orthodontics does best! Our team is focused on helping you walk away with a smile that lasts you a lifetime. Available to help patients are our Sunrise and Weston practice locations; feel free to give us a call at 954-514-2111 to schedule your free consultation. We can’t wait to meet you!

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