Here at Sawgrass Orthodontics, we believe a straight smile is something we all aspire to, and orthodontic treatment in the form of braces is one of the easiest ways to accomplish that. Aesthetics are important, and a beautiful smile can boost our self-esteem, something that positively impacts our lives in multiple ways.

However, there are numerous other benefits to braces that aren’t cosmetic in nature. But before we discuss benefits, let’s talk a little bit about what bracesare and how they work.

Braces Basics

Traditional braces consist of metal brackets being attached to your teeth, then tied together by wires and tiny rubber bands. These work together by exerting a little bit of pressure in a specific direction, gradually moving the teeth into their correct position. The amount of pressure exerted on the teeth also helps to reshape the jawline. The bone dissolves, and new bone growth supports the teeth in the desired place. There are other options such as ceramic and lingual braces, which work similarly, but are less visible. Invisalign is another system for straightening teeth, using a series of removable clear plastic aligners. The average duration time for most forms of orthodontic treatment is generally anywhere from 18-36 months, depending on each patient’s individual needs.

Orthodontic treatment can be beneficial for a number of dental issues, including

  • difficulties with chewing
  • misaligned teeth or jaws
  • excessive wear and tear of teeth
  • teeth that have excessive spacing
  • overlapping or crowded teeth

Sawgrass Orthodontics is happy to offer a complimentary initial consultation to determine if orthodontic treatment with braces or Invisalign is right for you!

The benefits of braces

Alignment issues don’t only affect a person’s appearance. They can also have the potential to affect a person’s health. Many people aren’t aware of the impact unaligned teeth can have on functions like eating and speaking, not to mention your overall oral hygiene. The following are some of the lesser-known benefits of braces.


Teeth and jaws that are out of alignment can make it difficult to bite and chew food properly. Experiencing this over a prolonged period of time can cause the teeth to wear out, and as the problem persists, the muscles of the jaws may begin to weaken. This kind of jaw weakening can lead to painful chewing, further exacerbating the problem.


Not being able to chew properly can have a detrimental effect on the digestive system. The teeth play an instrumental role in the digestive process, which begins when the teeth begin grinding the food. Misaligned teeth have a great deal of trouble breaking food down properly, causing food to take longer passing through the digestive system. Painful chewing due to tooth or jaw pain can also be a problem, causing people to avoid certain foods or food altogether until it is relieved.


The way teeth can affect other parts of the body and how it functions is often underestimated. Teeth that are out of alignment can affect the placement of the tip of the tongue, and tongue placement affects the proper formation of sounds, such as the ‘t’,’n’ and ‘d’ sounds. Braces can often correct this type of speech issue. A complimentary consultation with our team here at Sawgrass Orthodontics can identify how severe a speech issue is, and devise an effective solution suited to your particular needs.


Brushing and flossing thoroughly should be a regular part of your daily hygiene routine, but that can be harder to do successfully when your teeth are crooked, crowded, or overlapping. This creates conditions that are favorable for plaque to build up and bacteria to thrive. When plaque and bacteria are allowed to exist unchecked in the mouth, they can cause issues like

  • tooth decay
  • gum disease
  • cavities
  • gingivitis

Fortunately, these kinds of dental ailments and diseases are preventable. Braces can put teeth in the correct positions, alleviating overcrowding and crooked teeth. This makes dental hygiene easier and will help you to avoid unhealthy teeth and gums.


Tartar and plaque that builds up between the teeth and along the gum line can destroy the bone underneath the teeth. This can lead to gum swelling and bleeding, as well as loose teeth. If a tooth happens to fall out, the gums can erode. The same thing can occur when there are noticeable gaps or spacing between the teeth. Too much pressure on the jawbone because of tooth misalignment can also result in a similar level of bone erosion.


Jaw issues and misaligned teeth often go hand in hand. Crooked teeth have an effect on jaw muscles and joints, and to compensate for bad positioning, the joints adapt, but in a position that can cause damage. The effects of improper jaw alignment may include

  • headaches
  • jaw popping
  • pain in the jaw
  • sleep disorders

Orthodontic treatment properly aligns the teeth and jaws, eliminating these kinds of issues.

Exploring the benefits of braces with Sawgrass Orthodontics

Sawgrass Orthodontics is proud to serve patients in the Davie, Weston, Plantation, Cooper City, Sunrise, and the surrounding areas.With an experienced team dedicated to making our patients feel like family from the first time they walk through our door, we focus on more than just straightening your smile – we want you to feel confident, comfortable, and relaxed in our care throughout the course of your treatment. If you’re interested in learning more about the many benefits braces can offer you or your child, get in touch with us today to schedule your free initial consultation at our conveniently located Sunrise officeWe look forward to working with you towards your best, brightest, healthiest smile!

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